Slow Down

Slow down!

slow living


There’s no race, really; no tag, no certificate, no gold stars or trophies that can justify the loss of your precious time or life. There’s no wad of greens or plastic, that can count as more important than yourself and those you call ‘yours’.

Your achievements, your degrees, your Porsche, your Armanis, your Urban Decays and your Cartiers, will all stay here, on this same earth whence they came; whence too your sack of bones and sinew came, but your soul didn’t. These aren’t what you’ll carry to the hereafter when your body has given up and the life force within you has extinguished.




To your soul it won’t matter how many millions lie, waiting to be spent, in your account. It won’t matter how your ring finger has the biggest rock, or how you’re friends with the zaniest kid on the block.

Your soul is hungry for the abstract – love, compassion, knowledge, happiness, relationships, memories, and all those things you thought were cheesy and useless and only befit greeting cards meant for nervous teens or love-smitten young adults in faded jeans. Well, guess what? They’re all food for the soul; the kind of nourishment that feeds a hunger that comes from somewhere deeper than your bones.




Then to what end do you run around, cramming in that last minute meeting, or stay up all night reading that financial report, or keep yourself logged in to catch the release of the newest gadget, when it could be done another time, when it could wait?

What can’t wait is the limited time you have with your growing up children, your aging parents and lover, your friends who you rarely see beyond WhatsApp texts and Snapchats, your aching bones that are scrunched up in that office chair, your vacation plans with the family that are, yet again, reduced to a derelict brochure stuck on your refrigerator’s door.

family time


To what end do you push yourself to be better than your competition? Why do you define your success from how many hours you clocked in, or how many followers you’ve got, or how soon you get your next promotion?

Your real competition is you. Your greed, pride, and self-importance drive you to push yourself to be better than ‘others’, when really you should just aim to be the best ‘you’.




Time will not wait for you. Life will not wait for you. None may help you when on your deathbed you lie and lament the loss of all those days you could have lived instead of just existing.

Making money is easy. Making a ‘life’ isn’t.




Earning a position is easy. Earning the goodwill of those who put you there and sustaining it, isn’t.




Counting your coins is easy. Counting the number of your real friends isn’t.




Breathing is easy. Making every one of those breaths count isn’t.


slow down


So stop running and slow down.

Slow down so you can take each moment as it comes and make the most of it.


Slow down so you ‘live’!


slow down


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59 thoughts on “Slow Down

  1. Let’s move to Himalaya !
    Samadhi lgao aur bhole mei ram jao !
    Sab moh Maya Hai , ye sb beaten insaan ko do time p yaad ati hain
    1- JB vo budhaa ho jata hai
    2- JB vo apni Akhon k samne kisi ko mrte dekh leta hai वरना उससे पहले ये बातें मजाक लगती हैं !
    अपने सही बात बोली है एक टाइम ऐसा आता है जब हमें बच्चों के साथ समय बिताना होता है मगर बच्चे दूर निकल चुके होते हैं !

    Liked by 1 person

    • Mujhe khushi hai ki tumhein mera pot achha laga. Agar hum log chahein toh hum sab aisi zindagi vyateet kar sake hain jisme kum mein he khush rahein aur utna he shram karein jisme humari zarooratein poori ho jaayein. Thank you 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      • Aisa aksar ganv Mei dekhne ko milta Hai, vo log ek fixed amount Mei monthly expense krte Hai aur kafi Khush bhi rhte Hai !
        Paise ki bhookh kbhi poori nahi Hoti Kisi ki !
        Zindagi hmari Hai kuch logo ko raftaar pasand Hai kuch logon ko average speed SE chlne m sukoon milta Hai
        Dono hi Sahi Hai apni jgh , bss kuch apne , kuch dost kbhi kbhi hmari achhi adaten bhi raftaar k chkkr m chhoot jati Hai !
        Mai bda article likh skta hu iske upar 😂😂
        JB m 30+ ho jaunga , mere paas TB bhut Sara experience hoga apki trah

        Liked by 1 person

        • Sahi kaha hai. Gaaon mein aksar Maine bhi yahi dekha hai. Kabhi kabhar mann karta hai sab chor-chad ke gaon mein he basna theek hai. Apni zimmedariyon ko poora karke mai shayad yahi karungi. Par kya pata aage aane wale Waqt mein gaon mein mauhaul kaisa rahe. Is liye apne ko Sirf jitna chahiye utne mein he khush rehne ka paath bar bar yaad dilate rehna chahiye.

          Liked by 1 person

      • Are Haan ek baat btana bhool Gya mere family DNA Mei Aram KRNa nahi Hai
        JB chota Tha to lalak lgti thi apne uncle vgrh ko exercise krte dekh us time vo army ki preparation krte the tbse running start kr di fir use part of life BNA Lia fir Ghar ka mahaul ganv Wala Tha to Ghar p kaam krana aur school bhi Jana Baad m yha Bahar ake bhi bina mahnat kiye bhookh nahi lgti 😁
        You won’t believe Sunday Saturday Mera off rhta Hai aur m gym bhi Ni jata do din
        To mujhe bhookh lgni bnd ho jati Hai dono Dino m 😀😀

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Very Nice Thought.
    By reading this I remember the Movie “Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara”. In one scene, when Farhan ask Hritik to come on a tour and Hritik Says, “Till age of 50 ( Forget the exact age ) I will earn lots of money and then enjoy the life.”, Then Farhan asks him so calmly ” Do You know ? you will live till 50 ? ”
    I love this movie and one more movie ” Tamasha “. Actually I am very big fan of Imtiaz Ali.
    Thanx for sharing a very nice thought.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Well pointed and well written.

    Indeed, we need some balance between fast paced life that is aimed at achievements and to enjoy the moments. You have stirred up some thought among the people who love fast paced life, Pradita!

    Liked by 1 person

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