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I’ve contributed an article to Candles Online after quite some time. I think the title gives away what it’s about 😉

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Candles Online

I need to make time for working out.

You should make time for the kids.”

He needs to make time for his check-ups.

These are just random sentences, from everyday lives, but notice how they all use the phrase ‘make time’. How do you think this phrase originated? I mean come to think of it, you can’t make time. It’s there already, right? Did the English make a mistake? Remember how Amitabh Bachaan says in the movie Namak Halal, “English is a fun-ny language”? Not really. There is a lot of wisdom in that phrase.

Why we say ‘make time’ is because, even though time itself is infinite, we have only a finite amount of time to do everything that we want to do; we have to fit it all in those few minutes, hours, months or years that we have. Making time

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  1. Wow. Did this one ever resonate with me. I am amazing at hiding my laziness this way. When my son was born we were lucky in that we simplified our lives enough that it wasn’t totally all consuming. (Long story short: I traded work for chopping wood, living without electricity, carrying water from a spring and living so simply I could work 6-10 hours a week and get enough to survive). Now, though, maybe a bit later than I should have, I see that the only person I was cheating with my laziness was me. So the focus as of late is being mindful of how I spend my time. Am I doing something that will make future-me happy or am I being lazy.

    Great post. Thanks for sharing it.

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    • You’re right. At the time it feels like the children are the most important. But when they grow up and when you look back at those years you begrudge them all the time you gave to them and never did anything for yourself. I’ve seen it happen with a lot of older women I know. It’s a sad thing to see, both from the mother’s and the children’s perspective. Why not do a little time management now and start living for yourself too? Thank for reading and commenting 🙂

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  2. I can relate myself to this article , same thing is happening with me cz I am hiding my lazyness by saying that I am super busy 😁😁😁after all we are human and we deserve Independence in our college life after that most of people become sincere and workoholic .
    I loved the story , how you became lazy bird to supermom 😇😇
    I realized that time management comes from constant practice, trial and error, but most importantly, from trying.
    Agree with this line 👌👌
    We make habits by own , and those habits consume time either habit is good or bad .
    At last I read a sentence
    “You have just one life , make the most of it ”
    Me too think so , we have just one life then utilize this by doing parallel jobs so that we don’t miss any single idea or plan 😀😀.
    Who cares about money पृथ्वी पर सब कुछ नश्वर है !
    लोग बस नाम याद रखते हैं अगर आप कुछ अच्छा काम करके जाते हो और वो अच्छा काम अपने लिए नहीं वो सबके लिए होता है तभी लोगों को याद रहता है !
    Apka article pdhkr Mja a Gya , welcome back apki car fir SE track par a gyi .I hope AB jaldi jaldi aise articles milte rhenge .

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