Bad, Bad WP!



So I had been going through your posts on the WP Reader and I noticed something very, very, very, very…… VERY odd!

WP seems to have suddenly made me unfollow a WHOLE LOT OF BLOGS! I mean seriously a LOT. I counted at least 10! No shit! And then I lost count…

Imagine my horror when so many blogs that I’d been following avidly for months, suddenly showed up being ‘unfollowed’ by me. I mean, WTF!!!

We all know WP has some issues. I’ve had this issue in the past too where I mentioned how sometimes I randomly unfollow blogs (not by my own doing) and how some comments don’t get posted. Read about it here.

But in the past, the ‘followers button’ on the Notification panel would guide me to the list of blogs who followed me, and used to show an icon on the side of each blog’s name on whether I was following them back or not. But for some months now, that button has not been working, not on the desktop version, not on the phone app. So I have zero clue as to who I’m following back and I have no way of resolving this issue, because every time now when I use the followers button anywhere on my site, I’m only directed to a page that gives me a list of blogs who ‘follow me’, with an option to remove themSee what I mean? Is any of you facing the same problem?

So could you guys PLEASE DO ME A SOLID FAVOR and tell me –


Please mention your blog’s name in the comments section below, and I’ll follow you right back! Pinky swear!

Also, if you know how to bring up the followers list on WP, that also shows which blogs a blogger is following back, please let me know, In the past it was my habit to frequently check who I had randomly unfollowed, thanks to WP. But ever since that button stopped working, I have no way of getting to my ‘who I’m following’ list.

I’m really counting on you guys to let me know because I absolutely do not want to lose any of my followers, when it’s not even my mistake. I have built these relationships after days and days of hard work, communicating and sharing of ideas and thoughts with you guys, and it would pain me a lot if I wasn’t able to connect with even one of you. Believe me!

So please… Just mention your name in the comments section and I’ll follow you right back.

Thank you so much!

A very irritated-with-WP Pradita Kapahi.


91 thoughts on “Bad, Bad WP!

      • Haha, sarcastic much🙄
        but I must say I love here, unlike instagram and facebook, people do a fair justice with comment section on WP! I love it how people interact here! and have you checked my last blog? 😅

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        • I wasn’t being sarcastic but realistic since one typically has more followers after a few months if they’ve been regular enough. Apologies if it seemed so. You’re right on the point of this being a better place that other social networking platforms. But you’ll find a fair amount of yesmen and honey traps too 😌

          I’ll check out your new post in the morning. Gn 😊

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    • You’re most welcome Subbashini. Yes you’re still in my list. So far I’ve found 2 people who I wasn’t following back. Thank god I posted about this. I’m getting a lot of positive feedback from people.


  1. Same problem happened with me to. I too want a solution for this. Can anyone tell me? Thank you Pradita for talking on the issue. Btw I don’t know you follow me or not. So if you like you can check by heading to my blog☺☺

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  2. This has been happening for more than six months now 😕 I accidentally unfollowed a lot of people in my old blog. All I do now is click follow once and then forget about it. Browser shows wrong stats. Phone App is better when compared to desktop app. 😀

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  3. Lucky me… You are following me 😉
    Wo on phone also has issues. It does not give me an option to like a comment, below the comment. I need to get into the comment section to like a comment.
    Also in the desktop version, after I post a comment, it just vanishes into thin air 😓

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  4. I don”t know what to say, cause even I magically unfollowed some blogs, I mean really how?
    It has been better lately but then the spam folder is another problem. I don’t think there is a solution.
    I have not unfollowed you as of now, and I keep checking other posts too. What else can I do?

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