Promote Your Blog With a Hello


Take some time out from your busy schedules of the day, drop in and just say 



I’d love it if you talked of anything, I’m in a particularly chit-chatty mood today, but if you’re running short of time, just drop in to say a ‘Hi!’.

In these busy times and lives, a lot of times we just forward a message or an image to our friends and family by way of greeting, even on special occasions. But this deprives us of one on one time with those we love. A forward doesn’t say as much as your personal effort in typing out those words you send, or better still that call you make.

So take some time out and write a personalized message today to people you’re close to.

You could also promote your blog through the comments section below. Leave a link to your blog and tell us a little something about your blog. It’s a great way for people, specially new bloggers, to connect. 


Have a Great Day!

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128 thoughts on “Promote Your Blog With a Hello

  1. Hello Everyone!
    I’ll sure grab this opportunity.
    You can visit my blog and you can read genuine experience and life lessons of a new mom like me.
    Please visit
    Have a good day!!!🐱🐱🐱

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  2. You know, for me it has always been about effort. My blog posts, comments etc are always personalized and never generic. Call me old fashioned but I actually take an interest in other people’s lives. That being said, I completely agree with your point that one should indulge in actually sending personalized messages to the people close to them, that really sends across a vibe of genuineness to them.

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  3. gud morg all u bloggers out there! hope u all had a grt day yesterday for independence day…i m vanessa and have just started blogging i write poems on simply anything that comes to my mind you can visit me on hope u will enjoy reading them.

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  4. Thanx Madam… Its a great initiative. And its a great opportunity for beginners like me, to promote a blog. I am production planner at Duravit India Pvt ltd, a Germany based ceramic sanitary wares. But since I joined this company during 2012, I had to travel 2 hours daily to reach at plant. So, I felt bored and started to read in staff bus. And then felt, that I should write, what I read and feel. Then one day I found word press, where I can express my views to a large reader audience world wide. I write, what I feel about the society, culture and life. But majorly the content on this blog is in Gujarati ( My Mother tongue ). But if any, who can read and want to read, can go through below link.
    Once again, thank you madam, for giving such a great opportunity.

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  5. It’s nice to see you coming up with something new every few days….from guest post to mobile free weekends and linking up other bloggers. Thanks for hosting this blog-party! How about picking up one blogger a week and writing about their blog and blogger…especially ones that you find inspiring! Keep going…will check out few bloggers in your comment section.

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  6. Great initiative Pradita 🙂 I love to blabber and make friends especially the kinds that dont require me to move from my couch or make tea or cook up something other than a short story or even a long one 😉 😀 Happy to have met you on the blogosphere – cheers!

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