Two Fates: Poetry + Sketch and Talk on Manga Art


Pencil, Micron Pens and Aquarelle Pencils

Roses in her hair,

A wistful song upon her lips,

She sings in tune with,

The song on the radio,

Sitting upon her windowsill.

Her eyes, glazed over, dream,

Of fairies, elves, starry skies,

Where she, a damsel in distress,

Awaits her bonny knight.




Pencil, Aquarelle Pencils and Micron Pens



But unbeknownst to her,

Across the thoroughfare,

A lad sits himself,

Astride his balcony balustrade.

Each day he gazes longingly her way,

For a glance, a nod, maybe even a glare.

But fickle fate has dealt a cruel hand,

To these two who love seek,

For though they be but paces apart,

They may not have what their heart yearns.


I’m a huge Manga fan. I have been since my adolescence, and anyone who’s read Manga, or watched Anime shows, knows that their animation is a lot different than western animation. The facial features especially are quite different than what you see, say, in DC or Marvel Comic books. The eyes, specially females eyes, are huge, compared to the rest of the features on the face. The noses almost non-existent and the mouth a small ‘o’ in case of females, and slits, in case of males. But there’s huge variation in the way different artists draw their manga characters.

As a young adult, what drew me to Manga wasn’t really the art style, but the stories. The art in fact, took some time getting used to. The reason why Manga is so popular in East Asian, and now even in Western countries, is because it offers a huge variety of genres and then sub-genres, in terms of stories. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that there’s a manga out there for every kind of topic. You want a manga on school romance? Treat yourself to some Kimi Ni Todoke, or Kimi No Iru Machi. You want adolescent supernatural? Try reading my favorites Bleach or Death Note. These two sub-genres are just two examples of the thousands out there!

So, these two sketches were an attempt at manga art. This time around I tried sketching the outlines with pen and then shading with a normal graphite drawing pencil and a black aquarelle pencil. I should thank Shaloo Walia Ma’am, for introducing me to Sakura Micron pens. They are a great addition to a sketcher’s collection. They don’t bleed, unlike my last fine tip pens by Mont Marte. To be very fair I haven’t used the Sakura ones on a watercolor painting yet, but I have a feeling they’ll do well. 

You may have noticed how I often sketch or paint only females. That’s because I’m better at sketching them. Softer lines and curves come naturally to my hand. While the angular lines on males don’t sit well with me. My sketches of males just turn out bad. Most of them look effeminate, and I can’t decide if the one above does either. But it’s after years that I tried my hand at sketching a male face and I’m pleased with the result. 

I’d love to hear your views on these sketches, manga, anime or the poetry. If you have any favorite Mangas or Anime titles, please share them with me. I’d love to share notes on those that excite me and I’m looking for new titles to read/watch.

Please read, comment and share.

Thank you.

18555851_100676450514066_4494546682437471084_n.jpgCopyright ©2017 Pradita Kapahi.

All rights reserved.

All Images are subject to copyright under the name of Pradita Kapahi.





26 thoughts on “Two Fates: Poetry + Sketch and Talk on Manga Art

  1. You are so talented Pradita! And you do yourself an injustice the sharp harsh lines on the young boy make him look so much older and one who has seen much borne much in his short life. The girl is gorgeous. My son was into manga (I think!) but I never did catch on. Perhaps it is time 😉

    Liked by 2 people

    • Really? Why, thank you so much darling. You make me feel better. Your son was into manga? Just how old are you? I’m sorry don’t take this negatively. It’s anything but that. You sound so young, lively and ‘hip’! Wow!

      As for starting with Manga, please do. I daresay you’ll find some thing to your liking for sure. There’s a type of manga for everyone out there. I’d be glad to help you with it 😊 😊

      Thanks once again for the encouragement 💞🤗😊

      Liked by 1 person

      • No encouragement just facts – honestly! No reason not to be. I notorious for being anything but young lively and ‘hip’ 😀 But now that I am on the wrong side of 50 I am trying to make up for lost time 😉 Cheers!


  2. Sketches have turned out pretty good. I especially liked the female one whose eyes are so expressive. So finally you got Sakura micron pens? Enjoy using them. Your sketches have tempted to try graphite pencils. Will soon!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Love your sketches! I don’t think the male face is too effeminate at all, he looks natural. The only comment I would have is his eye-lashes look a little heavy, which might be where you’re getting the ‘effeminate’ from… But I know plenty of guys with thick eyelashes that my girlfriend is very jealous of! Haha. Keep up the good work!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much Shaun, for the encouragement and for being kind enough to point out what makes ‘him’ look that way. Now thay you’ve mentioned it, I think so too! 😌 Which girl isn’t jealous of guys having thick lashes? My husband has beautiful lashes and I wish I could graft them on my eyes. Thanks again for visiting. 😊😊


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