Ever notice?

Hope you all read and ponder over what we are doing to ourselves and to our produce, just like I have been, since morning.

Maybe it’s best that we revert to the old days where we grew our own food. Or bought local. Or cooked for ourselves…

Just a thought. Happy Sunday everyone 😊


  • At the grocery store. The stealthy way food is being packaged so that you get smaller and smaller quantities for the same price?
  • Because of our demand for year-round produce, the stuff is being picked and shipped in such an unripe state that we seldom even know what the real thing should taste like.
  • The way automakers market their cars now, with more and more distracting “safety” gadgets. I think it says something about us that we would rely on things like self braking cars with seats that vibrate when you’re about to stray from your lane. Wake up and take control!
  • That we consume so many goddamned chemicals in our food that the latest marketing ploy is to state that your product is “free of this” or “free of that” (pick your poison)?
  • The comedy of prescription drug ads which extol the product’s virtues, then tell you quickly and…

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5 thoughts on “Ever notice?

  1. Here in the States I have noticed this for probably about 20 yrs now. 5 Pound bags of sugar or coffee are now 4 pound bags, for a while at the 5 lb price, now of course the prices have gone even higher. The same thing with 10 lb bag of ice or potatoes which are now 8 lb bags and so on. A 1/2 gallon of ice cream is now 3/8 of a gallon, yet at the higher price. Marketing that is designed to rip people off, give you less, charge you more.

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    • That’s the same in India as well. I can’t identify products like that but if I say that 5 years a hundred bucks could have bought you an entire meal at a fast food, whereas now it can only get you coffee, it would be no exaggeration. It seems today everything, including mass produced consumer goods are dearer.


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