Thirty Seconds Tales #14: Men vs. Women

“G! Fetch me those hot pink curtains. I need to hang them here over this window.”

G, the obedient husband, goes over to the other room, grabs the curtains and hands them to his wife, P.

P gives him a look.

“What?” G exclaims. He is confused.

“These aren’t the hot pink ones! These are fuchsia! Can you not make out the difference between the two? Get me the hot pink ones.”

“Aaaargh, God you women!” G stomps off.

Later in the day…

“Yes! My new scale model is finally here.” G pumps a fist in the air.

P saunters into the room. “What’s this? Your new car model?”

“Please, P. Show some respect. It’s a scale model car. Forget it…. Can you guess the model name? I’ll take you out to dinner if you do.” He holds up the miniature car before her nose.

“Ugh, it’s a…. gosh… Bentley?”

“What kind of Bentley?”

“Oh what does it matter? A car is a car!”

“And pink is pink; hot pink or fuchsia!”

Man and woman look eye to eye and then burst out laughing.

Last night I came across this pin on Pinterest and even shared it on my social networking accounts. I’ll urge you to click on the link in the image credits below and read the full post on how women and men think differently about the same things.


It’s so amusing how our outlooks differ on things in life. Like cars, shampoo, clothes, meetings, getting ready for an event, dealing with crisis and emergencies, be it a car crash or a burnt dinner. But these differences add spice to our lives. We wouldn’t want to date, marry or love replicas of each other, would we?

This story was inspired by that picture and my conversations with my husband over car models… oops! Scale model cars!

Have a Great Day!


Copyright ©2017 Pradita Kapahi.

All rights reserved.

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64 thoughts on “Thirty Seconds Tales #14: Men vs. Women

  1. haha, ask me about it. I always end up not finding something I am asked to and this color that I forever suffer from. Lol, your post emphasizes that men are from Mars and women from Venus. Lol. Aha! Rich lady! You own a Bentley 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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