Sacrifice in Marriage – Give in or Give up?

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When I was a young adult, I often asked my mother, who worked only a few years in her otherwise housebound life, why she did not pursue a career as a professor when she was offered the job after she got married to my father. Or I would ask her why she always waited upon my father to start with dinner. Or I would quiz her on why she did not cook things that she liked to eat more often. The answer was always the same – sacrifice; my father liked it that way.

Then there were times when I would wonder why my Father, who’s a businessman, never switched over to riskier but possibly, more rewarding business ventures; or did not take that overseas job when he could have. His answer too would be the same – sacrifice; it would have been hard on my mother and…

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29 thoughts on “Sacrifice in Marriage – Give in or Give up?

  1. Very touching. Indeed we have to sacrifice a few things for our significant others. But it must be a two way street. In a lot of relationships, there’s only one person doing all the sacrifices while the other is completely apathetic to it. I believe those kinds of relationships are very toxic and the sufferer should leave. Sorry to be so negative, got carried away a bit, but yeah, a beautiful marriage is built upon hundreds of such small sacrifices on both sides in order to achieve not a perfect but a happy family life.

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    • No dont apologize please. You’re absolutely right in pointing out how it’s a two street. If only one party is hindering it all of themselves while the other takes this for granted, that’s not a relationship, but drudgery. We must strive for a balance in any relationship. I read a pretty apt quote on sacrifices in marriage, that you should never give up on your love, your heart and your dignity. Thank you so much for reading 😊

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  2. कहते है ना एक हाथ से रोटी नहीं बनती और एक हाथ से ताली भी नही बजती। बैलगाफी में जूते हुए दो बैल भी एक दूसरे की चाल से चाल मिला के चलते है तभी तालमेल से गाड़ी चलती। बस यही सिद्धान्त हर एक जगह लागू होता। सिर्फ लेना नही कुछ देना भी पड़ता रिश्ता निभाने के वास्ते

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  3. Hmm, Sacrifice is a strong word, but perhaps that is how it is in real. I always say I have not sacrificed, neither my husband .. we both changed our habits and it wasn’t by choice, it just happened 🙂

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    • I applaud your approach to this issue. This is how one should be in a marriage. I think the trick also lies in not overthinking whatever changes we make for others or else we start dwelling on those sacrifices. Thank you for reading Hira 🙂

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  4. Well written article Pradita. Marriage is a constant series of adjustments from both sides. It is definitely required for a successful marriage. As long as both are doing it it is fine . But many a times in India it’s only the wife who is expected to adjust to all situations. That is unacceptable.

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