Why isn’t there a setting for slow and then super-duper slow on fans? 

Why isn’t a Popsicle large enough to make you stop craving for another one? 

Why do you pay for air from a chips packet when we have it for free outside? 

Why do we always want to go pee when there’s no toilets around? 

Why is a good song or book or movie or show not endlessly long? 

Why are fun times always the shortest and boring days always the longest? 

Why does autocorrect not auto-correct what needs definitive autocorrection? 

Why is the phone never fully charged when you’re shit bored? 

Why can you never concentrate when you need it the most? 

Why are you always sick or working on the most important day of the match?

Why watch a horror when you shut your eyes through the scariest parts?

Why is there never any ice in the refrigerator when people come over?

Why is it sunny when you’re burning like a geyser?

Why does it rain only when you have to go out?

Why do kids need to poop when you sit down to eat?

Why do parents never like your choices in boy/girlfriends? 

Why can’t your crush ever like you back?

Why can’t you like your crush back when they finally start liking you? 

Why do you have guests on your day off?

Why is there no one around when you need to talk?

Why can’t we have what we want? 

Why don’t we want what we have? 

Why do our ‘why’s’ keep us from our ‘is’? 

Why am I still lamenting all this?


Copyright ©2017 Pradita Kapahi.

All rights reserved.

Image Credits: Andras Visky

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