The Addict

2.49 AM

I am not doing it! No, no noooooo, I’m not. I’m stronger than that. I can’t let something screw me over so bad that it decides how my day goes by. NO! That’s inhuman, degrading, vile….. Arrrghhh! I need some water.

*a few gulps down*

2.50 AM

Why, God why?! Why did you do it? Why did you have to make me obsess over ONE thing! Could you not give me some other obsession? Like boys, clothes, food or booze? Why this? This destroys me, eats me from within. I feel starved when I can’t have my fix and God do I neeeeed my fix. And I need to pee now….

2.55 AM

*a few seconds of toilet flushing, and a ping on the phone later*

Oh that stupid, stupid girl… She did not just send me a spoiler! Wait a minute…. Margie dies and Liam finally expresses his love for her at her funeral? OMG! How can I miss this…. But It’s nearlyΒ 3 and I have work at 8…. Ohhhhh!!!!

2.58 AM

I give up. I surrender to your will. Now consume me!

tv addiction

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