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One of my oldest memories is that of putting a giant set of headphones on, as a child, and listening to music. Being born into a musically inclined family meant that from the cradle up, we were exposed to music, and thankfully music from all genres. If my Father was fond of Ghazals and Indian […]


18 thoughts on “HOW MOZART AND JAPANESE ROCK INSPIRE ME — Candles Online

  1. Woah! you are so much of a music lover… 🙂 I was too much into music 3 years back. Was hearing almost everything from rit from Frank Zappa to Joe Sat.. Led Zep of course s a master musician…
    Chicken foot made me go crazy and pick a guitar in fact, but eventually dropped out …
    Mind is a monkey 😀

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      • Where do I start? Ok. So my first memories are of being a little boy, playing with cars on the floor. My big brother would play his music in the background: Beatles, ELO, ABBA (not a fan), Elton John, Eagles, Status Quo, and classics like, Beethoven, Rossini, Tchaikovsky, and many more. I loved most of it. In high school band I got into Mozart, Handel (still love Handel), Dvorak, and others. I also went through a heavy rock and metal faze. Still like some heavy rock, blues. Yes, New Age stuff to chill out. Like Enya, Secret Garden.
        I like some music films: Blues Brothers and was touched by Mr Holland’s Opus and The Belier Family. Is that enough, already? 😉

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        • Is music ever enough? Or talk of it for that matter? 😁 But I can relate… That’s how I grew up too – listening to stuff that the family listened to, then in college going through an angry phase where I listened to the loudest music I could listen to, and then mellowing down to New Age and soft rock or folk. It’s always such pleasure discussing music with people who know about it too. 😊😊

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