A Perfectly Imperfect Collaboration

No folks, this isn’t a story. This is an announcement of a collaboration that I’ve become a part of. 

So this is how it came about…

Fellow blogger Nitesh from Sketches by Nitesh had this marvellous idea of inviting people who love writing to author one collaborative blog, so they could all talk about why they write and assist others who would like to learn about the art of writing. Yours truly happened to stumble acorss that blog post, nearly three days AFTER that announcement, and without a second thought, in typical Pradita fashion, sent him a request to consider her name for the collaboration. Poor Nitesh was in a fix. I mean what are you supposed to say to a woman who hasn’t bothered to check his latest blog announcing that the group has ALREADY BEEN FORMED? Well, there’s a lot you can say to her, but Nitesh is a gentleman, you see. He told me I was welcome, and JLT, I became a part of the Perfectly Imperfect Bunch. Yes, that’s what we call it. Why? Because like no two bananas in a bunch look alike, none of the writers in this collaboration think or write alike.

Click on this link to go to the blog –

The Perfectly Imperfect Bunch

Don’t forget to hit the ‘follow’ button!

And the bunch constitutes –

  1. Nitesh from Sketches by Nitesh
  2. Grabbety from Surviving the Struggle to Success
  3. Wanji from BeautyByWanji
  4. Bisma from A Thought Process
  5. Brett from Individual Expressions of a Naive Mind
  6. Kelley from AuthorAnon
  7. Gabriela, Smita, Warren (I’m so sorry, I couldn’t find their blogs online. I’ll update ASAP)
  8. Me! (you know where to find me 😀 )

So what can you expect from this blog? Like I said before it will concentrate on the art and our love of writing. There will be daily posts on writing techniques, tips, interviews of fellow bloggers, and related matters. You can also expect writing prompts, writing contests and reviews on this blog, but in the near future. This week we’re cvering our personal experiences on how and why we started writing. Watch out for mine tomorrow.

Each one of us contributing to the blog has a deep connection with writing. To some of us writing is a necessity of life, just like love and air; while to others it’s an extension of their personalities. The botomline is, our love for writing is what has brought us together. As is the case with any hobby that becomes a habit, writing too only flourishes with continued practice. Every writer adds a piece of himself into his work, carves out his own writing practice, battles his own flaws, sets his own goals and over a period of time, develops his own writing technique. So the collective knowledge on writing grows by these individual epxeriences on writing. We, at the Perectly Imperfect Bunch, believe that no one techinique is the right technique on writing. We aim to encourage versatility in this artform by sharing our own experiences as writers, while learning from others as well.

This blog is also not meant only for fiction writers or poets. Some of us have published articles in political journals, or are fashion bloggers, or write about religious and spiritual matters. There’s a vast variety of views in this seemingly small group. You’ll find what you need, I’m sure 🙂

If you love writing as much as we do and would like to share your views and techniques with us, or if you’re someone who would love to learn from other’s experience, this blog is the place for you.

Here’s the link again – The Perfectly Imperfect Bunch

Join us to help us spread the ‘word’ 😉 (ha ha, sorry, I couldn’t resisit that).

Goodnight folks!


Copyright ©2017 Pradita Kapahi.

All rights reserved.

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