Write – Anytime, Anywhere – Contribution to The Perfectly Imperfect Bunch Blog

Hello, hello.

I’ve become rather irregular, haven’t I? I’m sorry folks. Diwali season in India generally does that to women in my part of the world. It’s bound to be that way for maybe two more weeks. So my earnest request to you all is to hang in there. I will be back as soon as Diwali is over. Pinky swear!

I have contributed another article to the newly formed writing blog that I have become a part of  – The Perfectly Imperfect Bunch. It’s about my writing schedule (no, no, more like the lack of a writing schedule). I’d love it if you guys could head over to this link, read, like, comment (please comment) and share (if you’d like).

Also, The Perfectly Imperfect Bunch has now published a host of other articles, some discussing why the contributors write, others discussing how they work writing into their busy schedules. This week’s theme, in fact, is WRITING SCHEDULE. So each one of us has contributed our thoughts on what works for us. I request you to head over to the blog and read these honest accounts. Like I said before, this blog’s aim is NOT to preach, but to be a common ground for people who love to write.  You could leave your thoughts or suggest changes to us, we’re open to all sorts of discussions.

I hope you have a fantastic festive season and a fun Friday.

Goodnight 🙂



28 thoughts on “Write – Anytime, Anywhere – Contribution to The Perfectly Imperfect Bunch Blog

  1. Great post and yes I do agree with you on some aspects you mentioned in it. I too tried to write as per schedule but couldn’t adhere to it.
    I do practice keeping a notebook with me, on which I can scribble whatever I think off and on which I can ponder later on. Smartphones also help a lot for that matter.
    Procrastination is something I will not defend but I do practice a lot.
    Great article 👍👍👌😊

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  2. Pradita, you started something. I’ve listened to a few of Liz Gilbert’s talks on youtube. In fact, while doing some ironing last night (yawn), I listened to one she recorded about hobbies, job, career and vocation. In it, she talks about writing while and when you can – among other things. Thanks for the tip.

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  3. Happy Diwali! I hope you have a lovely time with the family as you truly deserve it. Your articles on different subjects never cease to amaze me and you are a talented soul no doubt.

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