Do You Live To Read?

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49 thoughts on “Do You Live To Read?

  1. शब्दों से उनके,
    सच्चे भावार्थ छिटक गए,
    अल्प विराम की थी भूल,
    या फिर,
    छूट गए थे पूर्ण विराम!
    मनोभाव सारे बिगड़ गये,
    अर्थ वाक्यों के बदल गये।

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  2. I like the sentence ” Movie Inside Your Head ”
    That’s the beauty of Book reading. I can imagine my own characters, places. In movies, we have to watch, what they want to show, but if we are reading book, we are the director of that incident.
    This is how I understand your quote. Thanx for good quote.

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    • Sir you got my quote absolutely right! That’s how even I imagine while I’m reading a book. I have my own list of actors assigned to each character, a type of place where they live, their inflections in voices… Its all soooo like a movie that sometimes I get confused when I’m watching a dramatized version of the movie 🤣

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  3. Sometimes when I have been reading for a while and then am recalled to reality for a few moments I am still in character and will often glare or simper at my clueless partner 🤣 Well penned P!

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