Dear All.

This is about my contribution to The Perfectly Imperfect Bunch Blog. Like I said in my post yesterday, this week’s theme is Poetry Writing Process and my post published today discusses how I write poetry, through the example of one of my poems. Please head over to the blog through the link below and read, like, comment and share.

Or click here to read it.

Also, Brett has published an excellent article on what his poetry writing process is like. Please check out his article by clicking on this link.

Thank you and have a good, dreamy, quiet night!

The Perfectly Imperfect Bunch

Why don’t you come over sometime? 

There’s your old boombox

Gathering dust above the TV. 

We could sing along to  

Kishore or Kansas, 

Or to Jingle Bells, if you fancy. 

There’s a photo of us 

Sitting by my bedside,

It reminds me of those merry times

When I was the centre

Of your protected, charmed life. 

I’ve saved the last wine

You gifted me on Mother’s Day.

It lies unopened,

Still swathed in its shimmery gauze,

Waiting for the perfect day. 

I’ll whip up your favourite cakes,

Nevermind that I’m diabetic. 

Or would you prefer pakodas or kulfi?

I know you’re health conscious now. 

I swear I have a guilt-free recipe. 

The phone doesn’t ring anymore. 

No, I’ve paid the bills like I should. 

It’s because you just text now and then, 

And all the rest are dead,

But I keep hoping, still. 

You stopped coming over on weekends, 


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  1. Diabetes is a minuscule thing
    I am masochistic to your flings
    I pestered you with my love and care
    But you simply left and did not care
    I don’t have any compunction,
    You were a worthless adulation
    Your traces are gathering the dust
    I am jubilant now, I know my worth

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  2. I love your poem, the expression injected and the choice of words that struck a chord, tapping into the emotions. I will head to the blog and read. Sure to learn the entire process for I am a wannabe poet by default 🙂

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    • Thank you so much. But this poem failed to excite me later,as it did at first, which is why I call it flawed. But please, be my guest and head over to the blog. Others have contributed thier pieces as well and they’re far better than mine. 😁😁

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