Three Little Pigs: A Dystopian Version

The Perfectly Imperfect Bunch

There was no sun in the sky when Ash looked up. The moon, the effulgent satellite of yore was now reduced to a grey speck. For as long as he could remember, there had been no light. Only darkness.

He tried to imagine the stars the Elders spoke of from those tattered books and pictures stacked up in the Library. What’s that Elder Aldebaran used to call that band of stars? Milky something…. Milkyway! That’s what he said. He tried to imagine that band of stars sprawled across the skies. But all he got was masses of grey clouds hovering low over the barren landscape, and grey snow flecks on the visor of his combat helmet.

‘Are you imagining again, Ash?’ A voice spoke in his head. His mind instantly conjured up the image of the speaker – a pimply face with a wide, toothy and crooked smile –…

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