Thirty Seconds Tales #18: Daddy’s Girl

{Front door creaks open and the figure of a young woman appears into the nearly dark room. Another figure, that of a man, appears from the door on the far left of the room. He switches on the lights. The young woman winces at the bright lights.}

‘Where have you been all this time? Do you even realize it’s midnight? And what’s this shit I found in your room?’

‘What Daddy?’

‘Needles, a voodoo doll, these strange looking cards and…and, a book called Ghoulish Encounters? What the heck are you doing these days?’

‘Oh Daddy. Sweet, Daddy. You’re so stupid!’

‘Wha… Excuse me, young lady. Watch your….’

‘Shut up! Somebody had to pay for building this house atop a graveyard and robbing us of our peace….’

{The lights go off on their own}


In response to the Daily Prompt Word – Ghoulish


Copyright ©2017 Pradita Kapahi.

All rights reserved.




54 thoughts on “Thirty Seconds Tales #18: Daddy’s Girl

      • I managed to post something today hence my arrival here and I happened to set my wandering eyes on the darkness of your post with the dusting of charm. I’m still very sick but trying to manage.

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          • I had worked on it for a week and had scheduled the post for today though it never uploaded, thus I had to manually re post it. It does require some dedication so I post very rarely as I would rather make the effort on a post than put up regular work that I would not be happy with. I seem to have to work on a post for a week atleast until i feel I’m ready to post as I do get very exhausted but thank you for taking the time to want to read my blog. Much love as always.

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            • It’s ok Madame V. Write when you can, when you have the strength to. I’m sure your readers wouldn’t want you to exert yourself over writing. And the reason why each of your posts and reviews are so incredible is because you cultivate them for that long. I’ll always say I admire your perseverance and strength. I now admire your attention to detail too 😊

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