The Problem of Student Suicides

Dear Readers,

Take a pause from your schedules and please read this article from fellow-blogger Shining Gem on Student Suicides. I’m sure you will relate with it.

There may have been times when you were a student yourself and faced admonishment for lower grades or unruly behaviour. Or you may be a parent who has to discipline an aggressive teen. Or you may just know someone who is depressed and needs help. Either way, it is our responsibility as a parent, a society and as human beings, to help students who struggle with depression and anxiety owing to the pressure and competition prevailing in our school systems these days.

Please, change things while you still can…

The Shining Gem

A student’s life is by no means an easy one, but one doesn’t usually realize this. A lot of people say they’d prefer going back to school than continue with their boring work. What they don’t realize is that they’re full grown up adults with a different psychology and approach to things than a student who has not yet been exposed fully to the realities of this world. This of course is not taking into consideration adult full time professional courses like MBA, CA, CFA or PhD but more on that later.

That being said, it becomes extremely important to realize what problems a student, no matter how young or old, faces. Suicide is an extreme step, and many youngsters take that leap without realizing the consequences. They don’t realize how painful it’ll be to their parents, siblings and other loved ones after they’re gone. No matter how poorly one…

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17 thoughts on “The Problem of Student Suicides

  1. bilkul Atmhatya ek gambhir samasya hai…….atyadhik dabav aur matwakanksha kayee jindagiyan tabaah kar deti hai…….nishchit ek pita ke rup men es baat ko bhali bhaati samajh sakta hun…..bahut achchha post apne share kiya……sukriya.

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    • Bahut bahut shukriya. Asha karti hoon hum sab Mata Pita apne bachhon pe adhik dabav dalne ke bajaye apni mahatvakannkshayon ka tiraskar karenge. In bachhon ki apni apni soch hai, apni akankshayein hain. Humein bhoolna nahi chahiye ki woh humare ghulam nahi, humari santan hain. Unke Marg Darshan aur unke lalal-poshan he humara kartavya hai.


      • Bilkul….jisko jaisa banna hai waisa hi banega …hamsab ko sirf salahkaar ki bhumikaa ke saath saath duniyan me jeene ke kayee thikaane hain ye bol chinta nahi karne ko kahna hahiye aur main to yahi karta hun………agar maa baap hi himmat nahi denge to kaun dega……sukriya apka.

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  2. Thanks for raising awareness about this matter, Pradita. In July 1987 my older brother died by suicide. He was 31. I was 15. It was devastating. Journaling and poetry helped me then. Although most of those poems have never seen the light of day.

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    • You’re most welcome Simon though I should really thank Shining Gem for writing this excellent article. You told me about his death and I feel very sad for him and for you. Such losses can never be forgotten. I hope my child nerve feels pressured by me in any way. We can only learn from others’ experiences. Thanks for reading Simon

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  3. Major problem in youth , they find easiest way to attempt sucide. Thousands of reasons Hai sucide ke
    Communication gap between child and their parents, teenage love failure (I know society never notice this problem and they declare study pressure behind every sucide but this is fact ) , Study pressure (very rare I am not sure but study ka pressure leke sucide krne wale 10 m se ek ya do hote honge ), patent’s and teacher’s expectations , force their child to select toughest subject in 12th or in grad (uska mn Hai Ni jbrdasti use engineering krani Hai) , family violence (small family m mummy papa ke bich m daily jhagda hona tb single child depression m a jata Hai kuki family m koi hota hi ni hai)
    Ye kuch reasons shayad hote Hai .
    Btw apne achha topic uthaya Hai

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    • Thank you Shubhankar, lekin yeh mera article nahi hai. Haan but hum sabhi I think iss se relate kar sakte hain kyunki ab toh aisa lagta hai jaise ki student suicides aam baat ho gayi hai. Dukh hota hai yeh soch ke yeh bacche apni jaan itni choti choti cheezon ke liye gawan dete hain. Aise incidents humein yehi batate hain ki humari society mein patience, compassion and the concept of simple living ab khatm hota ja raha hai. Samay rehte he agar in bachhon ke parents aur teachers yeh baat samjh lete toh shayad yeh bachhein abhi bhi humare saath hote.


      • Sorry di m dusre direction m baat krne lga vaise jb ye publish hua tha apka article tbhi Maine comment kia Tha vhi site par bt unfortunately unhone moderate Ni kis I think kuki tb Maine ye Wala blog bnaya hi Tha .
        Btw apne sahi kaha kitne bachhe jinda hote aj. Kuch na kuch to krte hi Vo bhi apni life m


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