The Peeper

Dear Readers,

Halloween week is about to end. Like I promised, here’s my contribution of a horror story as part of the Halloween Week we’re celebrating on the Perfectly Imperfect Bunch Blog.

Be warned though, apart from the scares, the story has a fair bit of adult content in it. Reader discretion is advised. Also, this a pure work of fiction and the views expressed herein are not synonymous with my own views in any way.

Happy reading!

The Perfectly Imperfect Bunch

Most people have some bad habits. Some pick their noses. Some chew their fingernails down to the skin. Some pick at their pimples. I had one too.

I used to spy on women changing clothes.

I don’t know how I developed this habit, or why. I wasn’t particularly sex-crazed or sex-starved. I was a normal guy, who had a string of steady girlfriends who I was active with. Maybe it was because I had accidentally stumbled on my cousin changing her clothes when I was twelve. Obviously, she hadn’t noticed. My first reaction on seeing her was – embarrassment. So I hurried out of the room. But then I reasoned with myself that I would have to be embarrassed if I got caught, not otherwise.  There was also the pull of novelty. I’d never seen anyone in just their skin before, in real life. So I went back, opened the door to a…

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12 thoughts on “The Peeper

  1. Di that’s why I love your work ,
    A message passing story with horror tadka.
    Haan kuch log vaise shy nature ke bnenge bt silently aise gande kaam krte Hai ki koi soch Ni skta . I used to call them psycho . Ye hi log spy camera fit krte Hai shops aur bathrooms m , creepy kahi ke 😐
    Kuch Ni ho skta inka

    Liked by 1 person

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