Thirty Seconds Tales #19: Just My Rotten Luck!

Perhaps the only time luck was on my side was when you waltzed into this tiny town. You were who I’d been looking for. The answer to my fervent prayers. The epitome of the gallant knight that every girl lost in her fantasies dreamed of. The panacea for my lonesome, paltry existence.

But typical of my luck, bad luck followed. Your wife stood by your side, claiming your hand like a lifeline, gazing with jealous satisfaction at all those in the gathering who dared to eye her beloved.Β If ever you did notice me, you were too well-bred to make it apparent. As far as you were concerned, I was an invisible entity, a fly on the Great Wall of China. You smiled at everyone, you shook hands with everyone, but you kept you to yourself, preferring the exchange of pleasantries to be voiced by your loquacious wife.

Its this reserved, not shy, quality of yours, and that shining aura that hung about you lovingly that ignited something in me that had never even seen a spark. And so I burnt while I stood there, green, envious flames consuming me. Anyone noticing me could have read me like an open book. I needed you, I wanted you. With the kind of zeal that a newborn babe possesses for his mother’s breast.

I was as straight and as plain a Jane as they come. The perennial ‘good girl’ of the town who’s existence matters only to exemplify the beauty of the belles or the brazenness of the babes. But if ever I had the potential of being corrupted, being wanton, that night would have been a perfect catalyst.

But then there was the matter of your wife, and the matter of my rotten luck. And so it was that misfortune prevailed, again, and I learnt that your wife was also the new Sheriff in town.

Yeah…..just my rotten luck!


Copyright Β©2017 Pradita Kapahi.

All rights reserved.

Image Source: Free_Photos @ Pixabay


In response to the Daily Word Prompt – Panacea

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