The Art of Embracing Change

Hello my precious ones!

This is about my week’s contribution to the Perfectly Imperfect Bunch Blog. This week we are discussing Art, but not Art, per se. The Art of Living, is more like it. So far, there have contributions on the art of storytelling, the art of letting go, and my own contribution talks about the Art of Embracing Change.

Please click on the link below and read my article as well as the contributions of others.

Have a great day!

The Perfectly Imperfect Bunch

Life is on an endless run with her friend time. They wait for none, they spare none. All we can do is adjust our pace. We see the world and its inhabitants change right before our eyes – seasons, tastes, fashions, governments, the flora and fauna around us – everything changes. Even our bodies and our capacities change with each passing day. Strange then that change in our lives comes not without the usual whining and discomfort from us. Why, when change is so apparent, do we hate it? Indeed there are some good changes that we welcome, but for the most part, every one of us loves to stay the way we are and not have change affect us.

So why do we hate change?

The answer lies in ‘comfort’.

We are comfortable with how our lives are going on. We, that is every species on this earth, are…

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