Erupt – 3

Hello Folks!

Remember how I had started a series here on TPC titled, Erupt, and how the poor series was left unfinished because of my eternal tardiness? Well, I have good news for those of you who liked the series (thank you very much) and would have liked me to continue.

No, no, I’m not writing it again, but someone else is! He’s none other than my boss at Candles Online, Chiradeep Patra, founder of Candles Online. He is a very motivating and positive person and when he found my Netra (the lead character of my series) in distress, he just couldn’t help but pitch in to help her out of the mess I’d made of her life. 

Thank you so much, Dada, for taking up this story when I’d lost hope in it. Hope you’ll have fun writing this one down 🙂

Without further ado, this is the next part of Erupt, penned by Chiradeep, who will also be penning down the rest of the series.

Enjoy 🙂


‘Enough is enough… I really can’t take it any more…’ Netra thought and decided in her mind. She let herself be lost in the darkness of the dawn letting her popular-famous-rich-respected-people-conscious husband worried and panicky. Her frustrations, her hurts, her disappointments were making her bitter as she ran like a spinster on the spongy sands, while tears rolled down her cheeks in pain and anger. Years of hurts simply burst out all at once after the night’s incident.

Saving himself from being run over by a car, he reached the beach and ran around searching for her. There were few on the road and on the beach for their morning jogs with their pets. Some of them recognised him and waved their hands or nodded their heads making him feel more uncomfortable.

‘Oh… my image… will surely be ruined today because of this silly, foolish woman…’ He thought, gritting his teeth as he kept avoiding people and tried to search his wife. But it was all in vain because his efforts were half-hearted. He gave up after sometime when the sun made its way on the east with its red rays shining in the blue sky. He walked back to his car. He got inside and dialled her number… It was ringing but there was no response… He called up a few of his workers and asked them to be on this secret mission, “Searching Ma’am” with their mouths zipped up. He has a very important press conference and he has to do lot of preparations for that. He really can’t afford to search his stupid wife leaving all his important arrangements for which he had been working day and night, trying to keep up with different government officials, compromising with his values. He returned home and got busy with his work forgetting about all that happened last night and this morning… passing on his responsibility to his faithful people.

Netra, on reaching the shore, thought of walking inside it as long as she could go… as long as she could breathe underwater… But she didn’t want to release him so easily. She didn’t have a death wish… She was tired. She had nothing in her stomach. And the sun over her head was taking all the juice out of her body. It was an isolated part of the beach and there’s not a single person to be seen. Her body brushed against the sands as she fell  face down, unconsciousness because of sheer exhaustion and dehydration.

Then all went just black for her… Next, when she opened her eyes she found herself on a bed which didn’t look familiar to her. She held her head with her hands and tried to sit up when she found a man entering the room. She didn’t like what she saw, in fact a fear swept through her. Squinting her eyes she looked at the man and opened her mouth to ask when she was interrupted by him.

“Don’t worry Miss… I am a bird watcher and was on the shore. And a figure running towards the sea caught my attention. I ran towards it when I saw the figure falling flat on the hot sand. I found you there lying unconscious. I rushed to may car with you in my arms.” The man explained in detail what had happened without her knowledge. She checked her dress involuntarily and found she was in the same black dress with sand still sticking to it.

“Trust me… I haven’t crossed my limits in anyway, Miss. I was waiting for you to wake up so that I can give you little food and some juice to strengthen you. You need them right now.” He replied again politely.

“Thanks for all these…” She nodded as she appreciated what he had done for her. She was terribly hungry. Without wasting any more time she walked up to the dining hall and had whatever he served on her plate.

To be continued…


Erupt – 1

Erupt – 2

Featured Image: Cosas Cool

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