The Truth About Us – Al Margen’s Artwork

Hello People,

So what’s going on in your lives? Been anywhere new, or started something new? It’s the weekend, what do you have planned? I’m in a chatty, chatty mood today so send me your replies in the comments section. If you have posted something new, leave a link in the comments section for me and for others to read.

In the meantime, I’m sharing a very talented artist’s work with you. His names is Al Margen and he is from Argentina. I couldn’t find much about him but did find his Facebook page. Kudos to this artist who has brought out the stark truth of our empty lives and sketched it out for us to see and ponder upon. I won’t blab much, I’ll leave it for you to see. Please do not take the nudity for something obscene. If you’re squeamish about nudity, do not read this.


Have a super weekend everyone!



Image source: 9gag

Featured Image – Conocerse, Al Margen

27 thoughts on “The Truth About Us – Al Margen’s Artwork

  1. Creative arts, Pradita! Thanks for sharing. My family and I are visiting a Christmas market later today, which is arranged by the Montessori school my youngest will be attending next year. Have a lovely weekend! 😊

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