In The Realm of Clouds

Good Morning Lovely People,

I’ve been gone for some time now, have I not? I hope with this piece I’ll be more regular on the blog and in reading your posts too.

It was written aboard a flight. I took several pictures too of what inspired this piece. Like these –

The pictures aren’t that great but then I’ve never been a great photographer anyway.

This whole post is dedicated to Man’s genius and his handmaiden – Technology. Read on to see why –

I see them stretched out
For miles and miles.
White, bright,
Like ripened pods
Of a cotton crop.

Here you may find
Salt flats and Dead Seas,
Cold, vast deserts
And ever changing dunes
Of white, poofy silt.

Dark tufts of blinding light,
And thunder, ready to explode,
While the tame, little ones
Herald rains
To the greens below.

Plateaus shaped
Like an eagle in flight,
Or a flying squirrel, if you will.
Canyons and hills afloat on
Turgid seas of white foam and blue.

Here and there, where they thin out,
You see our beloved earth,
Its mighty rivers reduced to trickles
Its mammoth mountains reduced
To mere bumps on the terrain.

And man, the mightiest
In brain and industry,
Nowhere visible
To the naked eye.

Save his creations,
His spider-web cities and roads.
That resemble a giant’s veins,
Snaking their way through every
Mountain, plain, plateau and vale.

And yet this far up,
Close to the heavens as we know,
Wingless man is the only
Creature you will find.

To think we fly in a metallic bubble
In the realm of clouds, ghosts and angels.
That we look ‘down’, like Gods,
When we were meant to be looked down upon!
Miraculous, is it not?

Please visit The Perfectly Imperfect Bunch Blog where we are covering Tools For Writing this whole week. It’s amazing how technology has aided us in writing and how much easier it has become to write now than it was before when there were no MS Word, no delete options, no typewriters, no printing press. Makes me respect our earliest writers even more!



Copyright ©2017 Pradita Kapahi.

All rights reserved.

Image Source: Pradita Kapahi.

38 thoughts on “In The Realm of Clouds

  1. While I’m ​not into poetry, i love the way you have tried to write about flying experience. Those pictures look like it was taken during monsoon. Yes, you have been missed on blogosphere. Hope all is well with you!

    Liked by 1 person

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