When Obsession with Failure becomes your Ally

The Perfectly Imperfect Bunch

This week’s topic is ‘An obsession that made you a better person’.

If you ask me, all my obsessions only make me a worse person. Can obsessions ever be good? I mean, isn’t too much of anything bad?

But alright, let’s not get literal. Some obsessions may actually help you, like an obsession for perfection. But what do I obsess about? Oh, where do I even start? I can safely say I have borderline OCD. I freak out if I don’t wash my hands before I eat, or after that; I could have seizures if someone told me that there’s no water in the house (I must have been some aquatic animal who died gasping for water in my last life); I HATE, HATE lizards so I must compulsively get rid of them from the house when I spot one lurking somewhere; I like to do everything by myself and if I…

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7 thoughts on “When Obsession with Failure becomes your Ally

  1. Your writing is good. I guess I don’t obsess about writing because, when I started my blog, I made a decision that: it would focus on poetry, it would simply be for me and whoever wanted to connect with, it would be amateur and not for professional purposes. It is purely for the love of sharing literary things with others.

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    • I think you did the right thing in telling yourself that. You keep your expectations low. I should have done that too…. Always believed the blog to be writing practice. Instead I went through phases where I would go mad when I wouldn’t see a good response over a blog post. Thankfully those phases are over. Now I just treat a blog post like a blog post, not the end of life. Thanks for reading and appreciating Simon. ☺️

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      • And when you do write something for a journal it will be more finessed than a day-to-day blogpost. From what I can see you are capable of both. As for the appreciating, it’s not so hard. Among the blogs I follow, there are some that are like a regular cafe, or a favoured Park. When we are there we always feel at home. Pradita Chronicles is one of those places.

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