Not really an obsession

The Perfectly Imperfect Bunch

Music made me a better person.

I’m not controlled by the powerful forces of music no!! And I wouldn’t call my love for music an obsession not really,music got me through a lot in the past and of course the present.

Music = life

My taste for music has evolved over the years.Currently I listen to a lot of contemporary Christian music but I’ve not lost touch with the likes of Andra Day ,Emilie Sande ,The late Whitney Houston ,Celine Dion ,Nina Simone, Kelly clarkson and a few More .

Music played a role that no one else ((apart form God)) could have played in my life. Music was my hiding place ,I felt like a star every time I’d tune the radio to nation & kiss FM and sing along to all the songs. My mum always warned me about spending hours with headphones but you guessed right I…

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