Letting Go of Obsession

Hey Dear Readers,

Hope your Sundays are going well and you’re enjoying every minute of this day.

I have something for you to enjoy too. We have three great articles on The Perfectly Imperfect Bunch Blog. Each one of them discusses what their obsessions are how these obsessions help them be a better person. So I shall be giving you three reblogs to read, starting from Kelley’s first, followed by a reblog of Bisma’s article and lastly, Beckie’s.

Happy reading 🙂

The Perfectly Imperfect Bunch

Obsession: 1. The act of being obsessed 2. An idea or thought that continually intrudes on one’s mind.

When people talk about obsession my mind springs to Kathy Bates wielding a hammer as she threatens to hobble her nearly escaped author friend (Misery, the movie adaptation of Misery).

In my mind, it’s a fitting thought for obsession. Sure, obsessions can drive you but the very nature of an obsession is, well, something that you’re obsessed with. It’s something that you can’t let go of. One has to ask at what point do you fall off the tightrope and allow obsession to start taking over? At what point do you casually slip from “driven” to “can’t let go”.

I don’t know too many people who will say it’s a good thing to be obsessed. Sure, I’ve seen the aspiring fitspo folks on social media who like to share memes about how…

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