Obsessed with my study space.

The Perfectly Imperfect Bunch

I am obsessed with my study space. Its nothing too extraordinary just a wooden table pushed to one corner of the room, cluttered with pages and pending assignments, left untouched. (Yes, I do procrastinate alot.) Just beside it is an ordinary sized window, overlooking a busy street, representing the chaos and mundane existence of a clockwork routine stretching before me in all its magnificence. Atleast, that is what I like to think, for any one else it could possibly be a pretty unappealing site but then again, I can only say for myself.

Recently, I have realised that writing, for me, is a pretty personal thing. I can’t write when i’m surrounded by alot of acquaintances, the words just don’t flow like they should that way. I guess, I need to be in the confines of my room to really contemplate and create. I don’t know there is something about…

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