Good morning!

Surprised to find a Morning post on Candles Online?

Yes, for this whole week, Candles will be posting two articles every day – one at 7 in the morning, and the other at the usual 7 in the evening. 

This is my week’s contribution. Please read, like, comment and share.

Happy Start of the Week!

Candles Online

Do you cringe when you hear an owl screech in the dead of the night?

Do you yelp when you see a snake?

Do you hide under the blanket when you see a creepy branch rapping against the window,

Or jump on the bed when you see a spider/rat?

Of course, you do! Don’t be all brave and snobbish!

There is nothing, nothing wrong with being afraid of something or someone. It’s one of the most primal emotions known to mankind – fear, in fact to every species. A dog is scared of a bigger dog, a snake is scared of a mongoose, a lion is scared of man. Fear is often the only thing that is between survival and death. Then why hide behind a veneer of forced bravery?

Okay, it’s Monday morning. Let me not preach!

This week on Candles Online we are discussing Phobias and Fears…

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  1. I’m not so good on snakes and vermin like rats and mice. But it doesn’t appear be as extreme and arresting as the grip of a phobia. My real fears are losing my sight and losing my mind (some may argue that latter went some time ago! LOL).

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