The Perfectly Imperfects Are Here Again!

Hola People!

Hope this week has started off well for you. Mine didn’t. I’ve been under the weather and am going around doing what I do with tissue paper thrust up deep in my nose. Oh god, I hate colds!

Don’t worry, the state of my rudolphed-nose isn’t what this post is about.

I have three links for you from The Perfectly Imperfect Bunch Blog, beginning with Nitesh’s take on his obsessions on heavy metal, extreme scheduling and reading everything on earth but fiction; followed by one from Smita who kicks of this week’s topic, ‘Is Writing an Art or Craft’ with a very persuasive argument on how it is both. The third link is for Grabbety’s post on the same topic and he tells you just why he thinks it is both, along with giving you ample reason to clutch hold of your stomachs and die of laughter.

So go ahead people, click on these links, read these excellent, funny and thought-provoking articles from my fellow contributors, and don’t forget to comment, like and share.

Happy Reading!

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