Wintery Sunshine and The Perfectly Imperfect Bunch

Good Morning People!

I woke up to a fine Sunday morning where the sun was gloriously shining down in all its wintery magnificence on its cold subjects. The only thing I love about winters is the sun. Here in India, the sun is scorching for more than half of the year. Winters are the only time when sunlight feels like life itself. Its only 22 degrees right now and the rains from Cyclone Ockhi have dissipated. I hope the rest of the Sunday goes well like the morning. Peace and strength to those who have been affected by the cyclone. I hope they recover what they lost and soon.

So how has your Sunday been so far?

I bring to you today three posts from the Imperfectly Perfect Bunch, where we are still discussing whether writing is an Art or a Craft. Most of them seem to agree that writing is both, but why don’t you head over to these links and decide for yourself. While Gabriella expresses her opinion on the topic cleverly through a poem, Beckie decides to use Shakespeare and her own poetry to express how even the mundane things in life could become an exquisite piece of craft or a work of art in words. Then there is Kelley’s piece that cleverly differentiates between the craft of storytelling and the art of writing, to explain how writers who tell stories are both artists and craftsmen. These girls are very imaginative! I dare say I could have never thought of such novel ways to explain this topic. 

So dear readers head over to the blog and read, like, comment on and share these articles. I’m sure you’ll only benefit from it like I have.

Have a Happy, Happy Sunday!

In response to the Daily Prompt Word – Degree.

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