My Only Expectation This New Year – Write, Write, Write.

Dear Readers,

This week we discuss ‘Expectations for the New Year’ on the Perfectly Imperfect Blog Bunch. Below is my contribution to this week’s theme.

Do not, however, stop at just my post. Grabbety and Smita have written already to tell you exactly what expectations they have for the New Year and how they will achieve it.

We would love to hear from you what your writing goals, or otherwise are for the year 2018. So don’t forget to write your comments below.

Have fun reading!

The Perfectly Imperfect Bunch


It’s a big word that casts an even bigger shadow. It always sounds daunting, lofty – like something that can never be satisfied or achieved or extinguished. I learnt pretty early on in life that we should always learn to temper our expectations – in love, in relationships, in our careers, in every walk of life. Because if you keep them pegged too high, the pain of not being able to meet your expectations is intense, crippling even. Of course, you can’t do anything about the expectations that others have from you; you can only control your own. But as far as I can, I try not to expect too much from someone or something. It’s very, very hard, but in certain cases, it has helped me a lot. So I stick to it resolutely.

In writing though, I made the mistake of expecting too much when I started…

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12 thoughts on “My Only Expectation This New Year – Write, Write, Write.

  1. Deleting blog? Now that’s something you will never do.
    Keeping expectations low? Now you seem to be a practical person. A quality hard to find in females. Why don’t you start content writing since you are good at writing.

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    • Yes Arv. Came as a surprise to me as well as to my husband. But then I was feeling utterly distracted by all the upkeep of the blog which left me with barely enough time to do my actual writing. Though now I’ve found a balance, sort of. 😀

      As for content writing, no one wants a person who has no qualifications in content writing aside from having a measly blog. But what did you have in mind?

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  2. This post expresses the fear many of us have when it comes to our ambition on writing but at the same time, your expression showcases the talented writer that you are. It’s true, we shouldn’t scale up expectations. I have seen a dip in the quality of words weaved from my side and my first draft of the novel is in tatter.

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