Sick Man’s Stroll: A Kind of Rehabilitation

Good Morning Folks!

Saturday is a good day, because there is only a no-work-day after this. Time to stretch those limbs and do what you want!

I’m sharing with you today a work by a fellow-blogger and a dear friend, Simon, who blogs at Simon’s Still Stanza. This piece is about the slowness of convalescence and the frustration of it. I’m sure you too have, at some point in life, gone through a similar experience, when you had to slow down because your body was still recovering, or your heart was.

In these last few days of this year, read and remember, and be compassionate to those who have to now go through the same. Help spread some smiles and cheer.

Have a Great Weekend!

Simon's still stanza

Sick Man’s Stroll: A Kind of Rehabilitation

Sick man’s stroll

Variations of

An ambling gait

And a staggering shuffle.

The slow stroll

Moves along

Like a metronome

On easy tempo


Bringing breath

And circulation into

A kind of rhythm

But oh,

To cross the road,

Turtles could pass by

As try, we do

To gather a little more pace

Into the race

To the pedestrian island.

All that is now needed

Is a dowdy hat

And a shabby old cardigan

With turned up cuffs,

Buff or beige,

And with pockets

All sagged from

Hands, hankies and

Whatever else,

With traces of lunch

Lurking between the lint

On its surface.

And we amble on

Willing the legs

To return home

To their former vigour.

Can we handle the rigour?

Of this new metered life?

Calculated, paced, slowed

Oh, who knows

Where this stroll

Will go?

What of tomorrow?

Forecast of…

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