Requesting Reader Feedback

Hello Dear Readers,

The first workweek of the New Year is drawing to a close. I hope your workdays went well and that the weekend turns out even better.

The start of the year always brings in some new resolutions, or plans or schemes. Call it what you want, but everyone of us thinks – I’m going to start on something new when the new year comes. Don’t we?

I’m no different. I’m not keeping any concrete goals, but I have a plan and I want to see myself achieving it by the end of this year. As for TPC, I have decided that I’ll pay closer attention to what readers want from me.

Yes, this post is about what you want from TPC.

Would you like to read more stories, more series, poetry, art, humour, controversial or intellectual discussions, what is it that you want me to write more about? 

Do not stop at only writing suggestions.

If you have a grouse with me, or you feel that I’m lacking somewhere, or there is an aspect of TPC that you want improvement in, please let me know. 

I’m undertaking this exercise because I’m trying to be more reader-friendly. And to achieve that, I need your honest opinion. 

Honesty – this post is all about it – yours on my content; mine in terms of my output.

This is how it’s going to work –

You tell me exactly what genre you want me to write in and I’ll keep a mental tally of what each reader is voting for.You don’t have to stop at one genre only, you can include more than one. If your comment is about another aspect of TPC, aside from content, I’ll keep a tally of that too and try to improve your reading experience on TPC. Entirely up to you, folks.

So please, drop in your comments and don’t shy away from being honest with me. Writers only improve by constant practice and honest criticism. That’s exactly what I want and am expecting from you.

Looking forward to your honest and valuable feedback.

Have a Happy Friday!

45 thoughts on “Requesting Reader Feedback

  1. While thanking for your feedback request I would like to suggest to bring forward your own creativity in yor own natural way. Different people have different views about same event.
    We would never be able to please one and all.

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  2. Tous mes vœux 2018 Padrita

    pour moi c’est la vie
    Et ne pas être dans l’oublie
    L’amitié est une passion
    Mais aussi une bonne solution
    L’amitié fait du bien
    A ceux qui en ont besoin
    Lorsque qu’elle est sincère

    Avec toute mon Amitié
    Que je viens te souhaiter
    Une merveilleuse journée ou soirée des plus agréables
    Peuplée de joie et d’amitié

    gros bisous


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    • Happy New Year to you too, Bernard. I hope that new year has so far been all that you hoped for it to be. And i hope that it will continue to delight you. Loved that little piece of poetry you sent my way. Keep them coming, ol’ friend.

      My best regards


  3. Hey P be careful of what you ask for…you may get it😁 I would love to read more short stories humor genre😁😄 And I hope to interact more with you and have the honor of playing host at least once in a while😃🙌

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  4. What would we think for TPC?
    What ideas and thoughts need setting free?
    Should we chance a romance,
    Or branch out
    a new?
    What of a suspense filled thriller
    Or a horrifying bone chiller?
    Or a restful scene
    Told on the village green?
    How about an interview between you and who?
    There is something left
    That I would prize,
    To see some more
    element of surprise!

    Enough of the nonsense! I already like what you do and who you are to your readers. We will read it.

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  5. Hello P, I’ve delayed writing to ponder somewhat and to see what others think or say! Cowardice on my part? No, it’s my personality! And therein lies the problem. For 1000 followers you will have 100 views or opinions. But, you deserve a response from me. I am an introvert, academic, business oriented, travel minded, UK patriot. I have personal interests in psychology, philosophy, world politics, equality, Buddhism, women’s rights, literature, history. I have no interest in poetry, short stories, craft, recipes. So …… analyse, segregate, choose. Good luck!

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    • Finally I get the good Dcotor back on my blog 😉 Thank you so much for your frank reply. Honesty is what I wanted from my readers and I know I can always count on you to give me that. I have duly noted your interests and I shall see what I can do in the future to bring out more articles like the ones we have discussed in the past. Thank you again 🙂


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