The Perfectly Imperfect Bunch

Picture this –

You wake up one morning. Go out to get the newspaper. Only there is none.

‘Maybe it’s a national holiday or some sort of newspaper strike.’

You march back in and pick up your phone to check if there was a holiday you missed. Only the phone won’t work. It’s powered on, you’ve double checked. It’s been plugged in to charge since last night on your bedside table, so it couldn’t have been low on charge. But yep, it won’t start.

You rush to your desktop/laptop to see if you can google out why your phone won’t work, and WTF! It won’t work either.

You check the TV. Nada. Your Kindle. Nothing. In desperation for a connection to the outside world you try your old phones….nothing! No electronics work.

And then you look outside and find your clueless neighbours venturing out of their homes, looking just…

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