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The end of the first month this year brings us to the 10th month of the We Are The World Blogfest. I can’t believe that it will be a year soon since we started this initiative to spread positivity in this world that is every day witnessing increasing violence, dissonance and hatred. My best wishes to those who started this venture and roped in people like me so that we could become part of something good that truly matters.

This month’s hosts are  Shilpa GargSimon FalkLynn HallbrooksEric LahtiDamyanti Biswas and Guilie Castillo. Please head to their blogs to read their contributions for this month.

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This month I bring to you the story of a library simply called ‘Book Cafe‘, that is run by two lifers from a Shimla Jail in India. These jail inmates had been sentenced to life imprisonment, which by Indian law, lasts for a term of 14 years. The library had been initiated by the Himachal Pradesh Prison Department so that inmates of the Kaithu Jail could get a chance to be gainfully employed and so that they could interact with the outside world instead of being cloistered inside the four walls of the jail, like traditional jails do. I liked this approach of reformation that the Authorities have chosen because it treats inmates like respectable people and because I firmly believe that circumstances make us commit crimes.

book cafe.jpg

Picture Courtesy: The Hindu


Here is the link to the story.

When you read the story, it becomes evident that these men engaged with the library love this opportunity because it not only gives them a chance to learn and earn, but also to interact with people. It makes them feel less like inmates, and more like human beings, and for some of them, that just maybe the start of their transformation.

The Cafe has become a popular spot already and it’s heartening to know that its patrons care not about the fact that the people who run the place are so-called criminals. There are readings organised every now and then and they are so popular that people are unable to find a place to sit down!

Stories like these warm the heart indeed and it is especially commendable to see that society allows inmates a chance to improve and reform. I hope that with time this place grows and so do the chances of engaging more inmates, but I ultimately hope that prisons become not a place of incarceration, but reformation.

Please share this story as much as you can, and don’t forget to use the hashtag #WATWB.

Have a great Sunday 🙂



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Image Source: The Hindu & WATWB.

11 thoughts on “We Are The World Blogfest –

  1. This is first time, I have heard about this cafe. It is interesting because inmates are being treated with compassion and faith. Keep sharing more such stories which spread positive vibes.

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  2. Hi Pradita – I will be back to look and find out more about this library initiative -seems an amazing idea – and so helpful to anyone who wants to help themselves, while they serve their term. So interesting … cheers Hilary

    Liked by 1 person

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