Just Your Everyday Conversation Between Husband And Wife

Husband: “Oh boy, will you look at that? I don’t think we’ve ever had it this bad before?”

Wife: “Oh, umm, yuck….gack! It does look bad. How? How are they capable of such things?”

H: “I was just going to say that. Well, don’t just stand there, do something; it’s a mess and it’s getting messier!”

W: “Whoa, whoa now. It’s your turn this time. Not mine. Remember – post 8 is Pappy’s time?”

H: “Look I just got back from work, I can’t handle this too.”

(Begins to turn when W grabs his arm and pulls him right back to the spot.)

W: “Look you, mister. If you have been working, I haven’t been just sitting around doing nothing all day either. Have you any idea what my life has become like these days? Do you know how stifling it gets staying at home the whole day and doing nothing but cleaning up?”

H: “Hey, I didn’t ask you to leave your job….”

W: “DON’T start with that! This isn’t about me working at all! This is about being responsible…”

H: “Look who’s talking about being responsible – the one who left the iron on the whole night that nearly burnt a hole in the house.”

W:That wasn’t my mistake. You were the one who told me to leave it on because you wanted to iron out your shirt for work next day.”

H: “Yeah well, who’s the wife? Who’s gotta take care to remind the husband?”

(Grins cheekily, gets a whack on the arm from wife instead.)

H: “YEOW! That hurt!”

W: “Good, coz I’m in no mood for jokes. Now take care of this.”

H: “Nope, not happening.”

W: “Say that again?!”

H: “Not. Happening.”

(Starts to walk out of the room.)

W: “Oye! If you don’t, I…” (looks around furtively and gets an idea. Smiles like a maniac) “I’ll burn your whole X-box collection of games!”

(H rushes back into the room immediately, ready to take the fight to the next level.)

H: “Look at you! Just how mean can you be? You’re threatening me like this is a matter of life or death.”

W: “When you have been doing the same thing every hour and are bleary-eyed with lack of sleep, it becomes a matter of life and death. What kind of a father are you that you can’t even clean a dirty diaper?!”

H: “Oh?! And what kind of mother are you that’s letting the poor babe sit in his own poop?”

(Loud wailing followed by the sound of something trickling onto the floor.)

W: “Great! Now he’s peed as well. Fine, you don’t want to clean poop, then clean the pee, I’ll take care of the diaper.”

H: “Excuse me, no! Look at the puddle down there… I’ll have to use a rag to mop that up…. WITH MY HANDS”

W: “Oh God, don’t be such a sissy. Pee from a healthy body is sterile…”

H: “Its still Pee….”

(And the fight continues while the wife changes the diaper and the husband follows her around arguing about who will clean the pee.)

In response to the Daily Prompt Word: Stifle


Copyright ©2018 Pradita Kapahi.

All rights reserved.

Image source: Pixabay.

73 thoughts on “Just Your Everyday Conversation Between Husband And Wife

  1. Well, I think this kind fight is required, if not there is no fun. I do have my silly fights with my wify and end up saying “Sorry”. Sometimes, I feel I have two kids at home : My wife and my daughter 🙂 My little daughter acts as a referee when we fight and don’t talk for a brief time. Sometimes, my wify and daughter have their fights then I become the referee. That is life!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Bonjour ou Bonsoir PADRITA

    A ceux qui sont joyeux, je dis bonjour et bonne semaine

    continuez de vous réjouir, la vie est faite pour cela

    A ceux qui sont tristes, je dis bonjour et souriez, la vie est belle

    Le dimanche est fait pour voir la vie en rose

    se dire que la vie est un recommencement

    que tout recommence, que tout revient

    A ceux qui traversent des épreuves , je dis bonjour, tenez bon,

    espérez en des jours meilleurs

    espérez toujours, gardez le cap

    Courage, soyez fort

    Gros bisous.



    • Hello Bernard.

      I’m so glad to see your little poetry in my comments section and this one is just beautiful! It tells us so much about how our ephemeral lives are meant to be lived, even when there are struggles. It has a great message.

      With your permission, I’d like to publish this on my blog. I’ll of course give the credit to you and link it to your blog too. Please let me know if its ok with you.

      I hope you’re doing well.

      My best regards


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  4. “Haye Re Haye” Clasping my hands on head, shaking.

    “Oh God, don’t be such a sissy. Pee from a healthy body is sterile…” Hahahaha! How do you know that? And the reply is all the more funny… “It’s still pee…” ROFL 😛

    It is a wonderful piece and a great exchange of dialogues between a unique husband and wife. But it’s a great feeling to have the fight and take care of that bundle of joy ultimately. Those who are barred from that opportunity are really unfortunate.

    Keep entertaining sis… You are simply fabulous.

    Liked by 1 person

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