Retail Therapy

The Perfectly Imperfect Bunch

Bling me up
Coz I can’t think straight.
Lace me up
In Victoria’s secrets.

Those flounces of silk
Beckon; I seek refuge
In those folds near-divine.
I dole out the paper
In return for the glam and shine.

There’s a truckload of gunk
On my wrinkly facade.
It costs a planet,
But the selfies turn out
A class apart.

I care not for recycling
And global peace.
These words are for
Misguided philanthropists
And tree hugging peeps.

Even with a million followers
It still feels empty.
So what if I
Banish that loneliness
With some retail therapy?

I need this plastic
To keep me from falling apart.
So ring up those Guccis and Manolos
Let me have it
All, all, all!


Image Source: Stock Snap and Gonghuimin468 at Pixabay.

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