Invitation To Contribute To Romance Week + Thirty Seconds Tales #21: Unrequited

Dear Readers,

Valentine’s Day will be here in a few days and since this week is going to be all about romance, I thought why not help to spread the love.

So this week is –

TPC Romance Week


For the next one week, I shall post either poetry or prose based on love – ANY form of love. We know that love exists in so many forms, it isn’t relegated only to that which exists between a man and a woman. So this week will be dedicated to promoting that lovey-dovey feeling on the blog and in the blogging community.

More importantly, I would like to invite you all to promote your own romance based content on the blog. Send me a link to your blog posts or send me your unpublished work, and I’ll blog/reblog them on TPC.

Please send me your content/links to this email id –

Each blogger will get published only once during the week and there shall be only one guest reblog every day on TPC. That makes 7 reblogs on all 7 days of the TPC Romance Week, including today.

TPC Romance Week will end on 18th February 2018.

Please remember, since this week is about love and romance, let’s use this space and opportunity to spread the love in our community. You could even write about peace, religious harmony, gender equality, anything that supports brotherhood and compassion. Write about your love for your goldfish, if you wish! Yes, you can contribute erotica too but please do not make it too graphic.

Thank you for your contributions and may God bless you with love, peace and harmony.

Here’s the first Romance Story to kick off TPC Romance Week. Please like, comment, share and contribute to the TPC Romance Week.


Her left eye has a spot where the green dilutes to an amber, tinged by flecks of irradiating brown – a beautiful mutation.

I know because I’ve stared into those eyes countless times when they were lost in thoughts of him.



Copyright ©2018 Pradita Kapahi.

All rights reserved.

The TPC Romance Week and the TPC logos are the property of Pradita Kapahi and may not be used without permission from the Author.

Vector Source: Vecteezy


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