TPC Romance Week, Guest Post #5: To You

Dear Readers,

Today I bring to you another story from a very talented woman, Sona, who blogs at Read Write Love.

This one is about platonic love and I’m sure by the end of it you’ll be touched by the lover’s will and devotion to his love. Clik on the highlighted link below to head to Sona’s blog to read the full story.

Go on, read and exclaim, “Oh my!”

via To You

Dear D,

You would be surprised to hear from me. No, you would be puzzled. You would look down to the unfamiliar name at the end of the letter, frown, search your memory and come up with nothing. Who is this from, you would wonder. But, your memory would fail you.

I first saw you in a crowd, that year of the extraordinarily hot summer, wearing blue, your coiffed hair losing strands in the heat. People around me whispered, pointing you out, for obviously, even then you were a head turner. I wondered why and pulled myself away to enter the rectangular, dark room, with the cobbled floor and took a seat next to the wall lined with little jars holding condiments, herbs, pickles…

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