TPC Romance Fortnight Guest Post #7: Coffee In The Rain

Dear Readers,

Today I bring you another love story from an old blog-pal of mine (yes, I coined that term. Neat, huh? πŸ˜‰ ) Ajit who blogs at Musing Site. I remember this story from when I first read it and how thoroughly I enjoyed it. I hope you will too. Show it some love this Romance Fortnight and spread the love!

via Coffee In The Rain – Short Story

He kept his hand on the head of the chair and pulled it back. He lowered himself on it and waved to the waiter. The waiter nodded and went off.

He was sitting at his usual spot by the window. The air outside was damp with rain. The clouds were heavy with thunder. The weather had been chilly for the past few days and the incessant battering had only compounded matters. The streets stank of filth. Water flowed down the glass windows of the cafΓ©, transforming car lamps in the street into sources of magical radiance.

He looked around the restaurant. The regulars were all there β€” the gracefully-aged lady, the group of stock brokers and the coterie of doctors. All of them, like clockwork. A group of collegians was engrossed in celebration. There was a symphony amid the cacophony. The air was filled with the aroma of steaming coffee and myriad delicacies. He thought of the time when he was in college. The only excuse their group needed for a party was an occasion, any occasion. And then life happened. It had been a disaster. His parents died. His siblings cut all relations with him. His elder son got a job in the US and subsequently disowned him. Through it all, there was one thing that stayed constant – his darling wife. She’d been by his side at every turn. Her unwavering support was what got him through the pains and losses…

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