TPC Romance Week, Post 6: A Short And Tall Love

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“Ouch!” She yelped in pain. Her hand quickly shot up to the side of her neck and was cupping it.

“What happened?” He had turned and walked the few paces back where she stood clutching her neck. Her eyes were screwed shut in pain and she was now rubbing the side of her neck. “What happened?” he repeated.

“Ow! I got a sprain in my neck.”

“What? Just like that?” He was now hovering around her aimlessly, anxious to be of some help to her.

“I just…. ha! I just looked up at you and ‘crack‘ it went.” She was smiling inspite of the pain.

“Seriously? You just looked up at me and it happened?” He was smiling too now. Her pain must be ebbing away if she could smile, he thought. His hands had replaced hers now; they were gently massaging the spot in small, gentle circles.

Her voice was shaky but she still managed to joke, “What, you don’t believe me? Damn you for being so tall!” She playfully jabbed at his chest. He was tall enough that his chest was at her eye level. They made an oddly matched couple, they were aware. Even her heels weren’t of much help. And he had this nasty habit that while they walked, just as they were doing before this happened, he would forget that her pygmy legs couldn’t keep up with his long strides.

He feigned hurt, “Wow! Sorry for being tall. I never thought being tall was a disadvantage before. You could add a few inches to your height, it won’t hurt.” He stuck out her tongue at her and she stuck out her own in response.

Suddenly the pain was forgotten and all they could feel was the warmth of each other’s skins and their gazes that wouldn’t leave the other’s face.

Instinctively, she rose up to him on tiptoes and he met her halfway as he bent down and circled his arms protectively around her tiny form, and they shared a quick little kiss in the middle of that jogger’s park. There was time only for this right now. But right now, these stolen moments were enough to tell them that they were good.

They were back at staring at each other now. Their heads were linked, like their arms, like their hearts. He joked again, “What? Not too tall for a kiss?”

She replied, “No. Because you raise me up.”

Thank You!

Dear readers, thank you so much for making TPC Romance Week such a hit. This past week I’ve seen such a great response, both in terms of readership as well as contributions, from you all that I was compelled to extend this week into a fortnight. 

TPC Romance Week will now end on

Sunday, 25th February 2018.

So you have one more week of romantic posts from contributors. I am closed now for any new contributions, however, I have many great posts lined up. So stay tuned to TPC!

Have a great weekend!


Copyright ©2018 Pradita Kapahi.

All rights reserved.

Image Source: Cocoparisienne at Pixabay.

17 thoughts on “TPC Romance Week, Post 6: A Short And Tall Love

  1. Bonjour mon Ami ou Amie PADRITA

    Je suis le messager de l’amitié

    Je viens te déposer une petite pensée avec une petite note de gaîté

    pour agrémenter tes journées ou tes soirées

    J’ai demander au ciel d’éclairer ta demeure et ton cœur

    Avec toi je partage de grands moments de bonheur

    Parfois mes peines

    Entre nous c’est du partage , de l’écriture

    Passe en ce jour une excellente fin de journée ou soirée

    Que celle ci te soit merveilleuse

    Avec de jolis moments de tendresse, générosité , amour dans ta demeure

    Sur cette dernière touche

    A toute , bisou , Bernard

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