TPC Romance Fortnight Guest Post #9: Romance

Dear Readers,

Sorry about the wait but sometimes life just doesn’t let you be.

Today I bring to you a cute, cute poem from a dear classmate and old friend of mine – Esha. She’s not on WordPress but on blogspot and her blog is This Is Ish.

She’s returned to blogging after quite some time so please show her work some love and read, like, share and comment on her poem.

Thank you.

Crazy evenings, long drives,
Starry nights, waiting eyes yours n mine….
Passionate kisses ,wild nights,
Stealing looks day time…
Sharing onus, rearing babies
Urging gazes as nappy changes.
Longing eyes yours and mine.
Tip toeing we enter… resting heads on shoulder at time yours and sometimes mine.
Frailing figure, trembling legs
fading eyes yours and mine..
Holding hands as we stroll ..
mulling over gone times.
Aged we alone coz love is young. Romance invigorated still.
Smiling eyes yours and mine…

Please visit to read more of her work and to leave your comments on her work.

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