TPC Romance Fortnight Guest Post#12: Love Is The Way

Dear Readers,

Today I bring you a thought-provoking satire by the accomplished writer and author, Mr Durga Prasad Dash, who blogs at Durga Dash Blog. Check out his Amazon Author profile here.

His clever commentary that starts with lyrics of popular Bollywood songs will surely leave you thinking that poetry is dead, but this piece is actually about something more than just empty verses.

Read on to find out what it is and enjoy!

Late nineteen eighties. Just when we thought we were out of our teenage hangovers and stupidities, and the advent of TV and DVD players would sound the death knell for Bollywood, a spate of romantic films ruled the box office. These movies also launched the career of a lot of stars: the innocent looking Juhi Chawla, the dhak dhak girl Madhuri, the chocolate boy Amir Khan, and romantic singer Udit Narayan to name a few. We enjoyed listening to those great romantic songs without bothering much about their meanings or origins.

Now we don’t have to even wreck our brains to understand the lyrics of some of the popular songs. We have to just google it. I found out this from a site:

Aye mere humsafar
Ek zara intezaar
Sunn sadayein de rahi hai
Manzil pyaar ki

O my companion
wait just a while
Listen to the calling
of love’s destination…

Click here to read more – love is the way

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