TPC Romance Week Post#9: Jealousy


I’ll die a thousand deaths
To hear my name on your lips.
I’ll lay my heart on the floor
So the muck of this earth
Sullies not your fair tread.

I’ll rest by your door side,
In winters frost,
For a chance encounter.
And I’ll travel a million miles
To have a moment
With you to remember.

But all this I do, dear one
All this I do for your fair love.
But if I see you crave another,
If I watch you dream of another ‘he’
I’ll cut your heart out, watch it bleed
And then I’ll slay myself to eternal sleep.

I won’t share you, no.
Not with anyone but the almighty.
I’m jealous, aye, I’m jealous in love
And I blame you, but I love you.
I am your only one.


Copyright ©2018 Pradita Kapahi.

All rights reserved.

Image Source: Shu-off and Ibuki May at Duitang

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