The Adulteress

Stop handing me crumbs of love,
I’m no stray.

I want to be the sight
You wake up to each morning.
The name that tastes
The first kiss of your lips.

If you cry, I want to be
The first to know why.
If you smile, I want
To be the reason why.

If you feel alone,
I’ll be your shoulder.
If you fail to try
I’ll be your support.

Our kids will look like you
But behave like me.
I want our names together
Entwined in their memories.

And when we die, I want
My grave next to yours.
So in death even if we’re apart
Our remains stay close.

So stop handing me crumbs,
I don’t want just something.
I’ll rule you like a kingdom.
I want ‘everything’!


Copyright ©2018 Pradita Kapahi.

All rights reserved.

Image Source: Pinterest

37 thoughts on “The Adulteress

  1. Funny how stream of consciousness works. When I read your second last, or penultimate stanza,

    And when we die, I want
    My grave next to yours.
    So in death even if we’re apart
    Our remains stay close.

    I was taken back to the coast of Turkey. There, in a cemetery for those killed in World War 1, the fallen from an Indian Mule Core rested beside Australians. I was touched then, and still am. Your poem took me back there.

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  2. Thanks for confusing me… :p
    And thanks for clearing my doubts as well… :p
    Now, if I search for what to learn from this poem then I will be confused…
    If I read it plainly then I will just keep praising my sister Pradita once again for expressing an adulteress’s emotions spot on.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m so sorry I’m replying this late. Maybe my reply was never posted, because I do remember that I had written that I agree with you. Adulteresses have none of the claims that wives do. I found some irony in their situation because though they have the love of the man they covet but nothing else, not even the honor of that love. I wanted to depict their agony through this poem. Thank you for reading and appreciating 🙂


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