I never got the chance to make my own wedding vows. In our Hindu custom of marriage, the wedding vows are always dictated by the Priest himself and most of them are pretty one-sided (*rolls eyes*). So this poem is what my wedding vows would have been like.

If ever we begin this
Tryst with destiny,
Would you, my love,
Hold my hand till the very end;
Till when we become dust
And dwindle into memories?

But swear not to lead me astray,
Never waver from the right,
Nor waiver off my mistakes,
But lead me onward with steel
In our minds and faith in our hearts,
To the last hour when we as one depart.

Will you promise to lend me your ear
In times of dismay,
Or your hand when I’m going astray,
Or your shoulder when I’m weak,
Or your heart, when I your love seek?

Do you promise that your faith
In our love and me shall dwindle not
But like the roots of an aged tree
Shall suppress all contemptible thoughts?

Swear to me, beloved betrothed,
That erelong our lives have come to a close,
We will breathe as one,
Under one roof, one name
Where two would be the bodies,
But the souls shall be the same.

And when you do promise me so
Know that I promise you this and more;
That till time and memory last
My trust and love
In this sacred bond
Shall hold fast.

That nothing and no one
May tear us apart.
I’ll be by your side
In sickness and health,
Until our end has come to pass.


Copyright ©2018 Pradita Kapahi.

All rights reserved.

Image Source: NGD Photworks at Pixabay

45 thoughts on “Vows

  1. Thank you so much Dada. The main intent of the viws I suppose will always remain the same. Even in Hindu marriages the vows are similar. But yes, I would like them to be more gender neutral. Haha. I hope the pastor doesnt take offence to my poem 😁


  2. Lovely. I was fascinated by your comment about the Hindu marriage vows. We have western-Christian formulaic ones. But often encourage couples to think about what they mean for them. Although the public vows are the ones spoken, the couple often how a sense of the other words behind the words.

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    • Thanks Simon. Yes, here among us Hindus, we still stick to the old notion of the wife being subordinate to the husband so the vows are mostly such that dictate to a wife what she ought to do. I’m not exaggerating. Our own vows is not something every Hindu couple does when they are getting married. Its nice to know that people in your part of the world have the religious freedom to make their own vows. Thanks, as always, for reading and commenting 🙂

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