The Chronicles of a Cat

Reblogging this excellent read for the love of cats, the nostalgia it evokes and for the way it captures the essence of these feline furballs some of us love so much.

The Pied Writer

Cats are really interesting creatures and when they are around, you can bet there will be plenty of stories. They are like those adventurers who hitchhike across the world facing the odds and discovering treasures all alone. It’s just that their world is of the size of a human colony. That nonchalant walk, the pause and stare when they see a human only to assume their airs and walk along if they see no threat. I have been lucky to witness one such cat. And stories I have aplenty to share.

It was a rainy evening. Night was approaching fast with the dark clouds making time advance by an hour at least. I was enjoying the drizzle from my room’s window with a plate of hot pakodas when I heard faint and feeble meows. On checking it seemed to be coming from a not more than week old kitten left…

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