Only real thing: A Reblog

Reblogging this for how moving and true it is.

Some of us have everything and still we crib, while some of us have nothing, yet still offer something to others.

That day would’ve turned out glum.

While walking to my work from home, my mind was clouded with unpleasant thoughts and I was mentally cursing my life and my luck.

That’s what most of us often do, right? When certain things in our life don’t go our way, or when somehow something bad happens, we just lash out at our ‘luck’. Our ‘life’.

We start asking all kind of questions to ourselves like “How could this happen to me?” “How could God be so unfair?” “Why does life has to be this way?” and so on.

It’s not like our problems are not real. No, that’s not what I am trying to imply. Our problems are very much real. But sometimes we often bump into someone or something that makes us forget our problems for a while.

Something like that happened that day. While I was getting consumed by my own head, my gaze shifted from the pathway in front of me to a little skinny girl on the sidewalk. She had no shoes on and the frock she was wearing was too big for her size. Her hair was a mess and she was holding another girl’s hand who appeared to be her elder sister and she too was in somewhat similar state…

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