Dear Dr Hawking,

It’s a sad, sad thing to see people who have contributed so much to the society pass away. One such person passed away yesterday – Dr Stephen Hawking. I remember reading the news of his demise at 3 in the night and it shocked me because he had become synonymous with success inspite of his disability. The common man may not know what it was that he discovered but he did know the genius in the wheelchair who spoke in an odd voice. He seemed unconquerable by even death. But of course, what happened was inevitable. Death comes to us all. I wish though he had more years with us. Imagine the discoveries he could have made because he was hell-bent on using his time and his faculties to uncover the truths of the universe for the benefit of mankind. Throughout his life he showed us that life is worth living… every single minute of it!

I found this beautiful and heartfelt blogpost that sums up what his genius meant to us all.

R.I.P. Dr Hawking.

The Dalriada Highlander

If I could borrow your time for a moment.

As someone who is fascinated by the stars, by the infinite cosmos, all that way from the splendour complexity of galaxies and quasars, to the mischievous cheating of quantum mechanics, you inspired me. To learn. To grow. And to pursue a path of knowledge, everyday. I find myself fortunate to have many people in history whom inspire me, but I am undoubtedly touched by your universality.

There are names whom we hold dear in science, with the list exhaustive and debated.

Albert Einstein. Isaac Newton. Dmitri Mendeleev. Mary Curie. James Watson. Francis Crick. Maurice Wilkins. Rosalind Franklin. Alexander Fleming. Anders Celsius. Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit. Jane Goodall.

However, one certainly lacking in divisiveness, was you You were iconic. You are iconic. You were wonderful.

An irrefutable example, of triumph by the mind, when the body fails you. A scientist, a physicist, a teacher, a…

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5 thoughts on “Dear Dr Hawking,

  1. Thank you, Pradita for the wonderful write up and share. I went on reading about this great soul. I am sure that he could have achieved much more, if he had a longer life. But then, Life is a wonderful journey, and death is its inevitable destination. He is truly an amazing inspiration for everyone of us!

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